I can help you navigate the space between light bulb moments and tangible outcomes.

I help creative people build events, frameworks and strategies to support their visions.

I help business people build the conversations and culture that generate creativity and innovation.

I have developed:

  • A model for facilitating those dangerous discussions about team culture, communication, and leadership;
  • A model for designing project and business plans that support innovative process.

I am also a mentor. I don’t tell people what to do; during conversations with me people end up telling themselves what they should do.

For more information about my services please look here and here

To read some testimonials about my work please look here


4 thoughts on “

  1. dangerous where have you been it’s been too long since we traded reviews or even had a decent chat get in touch with me when he can reasonably not by sight for a while is that I was in an accident breaking my right collarbone as well as doing some damage to my shoulder and had to immobilize it and since I’m right-handed it makes virtually impossible to do anything without pain or efficiency. but I can’t stand anymore so I’m going to do a couple of reviews in the next couple days to look and let me know she think. JPF


      1. Thanks Dangerous you know Bonnie still follows your writings and posts religiously. Let me know when we can exchange a review. It still hurts to type but I can’t neglect this any longer.


        1. I exchange the odd tweet with Bonnie too, which is nice. I haven’t written any fresh material for the kung fu blog for a long, long, long time. I am pretty brain dead these days but I keep wanting to get back to it… will let you know when I do.


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