Announcement: Fashion Industry and Training

Announcement: Fashion Industry and Training

UPDATE: this program starts on November 17, 2014. If you would like to participate then please contact Chitra Mangma at More information can be found here.

1797333_824420010941601_5192916668941722440_n[1] I am happy to announce that I have been retained to provide training services for a great new project that aims to help up and coming fashion designers develop their new design businesses. Highly regarded designer, stylist and entrepreneur Chitra Mangma has put together a great program of workshops, panel and mentoring services to help a select intake of newly graduated fashion designers:

  • Identify their target market,
  • Create a brand,
  • Plan their business,
  • Understand how to organise and plan their collections in order to work in with fashion industry trends and cycles.

Participants will be exposed to training and advice that is supportive, comprehensive, practical, and especially tailored towards their industry and creative personalities. The first run of this program of training will happen over a number of weeks in November 2014; we are grateful to Moreland City Council for providing funding for this November program which will take place in Brunswick and will be focussed on local designers. My part will be to provide three workshops that will focus on marketing, branding and planning. The program we run in November will be our first, but we certainly do not want it to be our last. Both Chitra and I are really passionate about working with young creatives; we believe that it is essential to help and encourage them to set up professional practices that can allow these new designers to sustain their vocations and contribute their unique creativity. We gain inspiration from working with emerging talent and enjoy the challenge of helping creative practices negotiate the business world. If you would like to know anything more about this project then check out the event page here.

3 thoughts on “Announcement: Fashion Industry and Training

  1. This is great Meredith and well needed. I am developing the same concept to help those up and coming designers for coastal California. I hope you share on your blog the results on the first training event.


    1. Thanks Rhonda, great to connect (terrific looking site by the way). I will indeed be sharing some reflections on my blog following these November workshops. I hope that you keep us updated on your progress too, and best of luck with your programs


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