Fame at Last!

Fame at Last!

(Well… not fame, exactly, but the opportunity to participate in a short film with a bunch of lovely people.)

I am posting this short film as an example of how people coming together to share ideas, knowledge, enthusiasms and their stories can be of huge benefits to those people. What interests me, as I come to write this, is how much the use of online tools can aid and abet the coming together of people both online and off. Third Place makes use of the Meetup website and Twitter (#3Place), and now this film is on Youtube, the Activate Learn website, the learningnow.tv website, and even this blog.

There is absolutely nothing original in what I just wrote but, still, it’s nice to be reminded of how richly we are surrounded by resources.

Some background: Helen Blunden of Activate Learn recently organised for a short film to be made about the Third Place Meetup group, of which she is a leading light. She sent the call out for people to come along and talk about their involvement in Third Place and I was one of the volunteers. You can read more about this on Helen’s website. The film was shown on the learningnow.tv website.


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