10 Reasons Why Men Must Start Reading Fiction Again

10 Reasons Why Men Must Start Reading Fiction Again

I am currently offering a service called Conversations of Intrigue. These Conversations are facilitated discussions revolving around extracts from literature that serve as a filter, prompt and point of inspiration about workplace culture. Reading and talking about literature offers us the chance to use not just our intellects but also our imagination and emotional intelligence. Writer Victoria Dougherty has written this post about why men should read more. All of her reasons are super duper, but, thinking about my service, I particularly resonated with reasons:
“10. Fiction teaches you how to think rather than merely what to think, and this is one of the crucial differences between a leader and a follower.
9. It will make you better at your job…
3. Because in reading fiction, we are able to absorb a greater truth instead of an assemblage of facts.”



humphrey bogart readingAccording to recent statistics, men have all but stopped reading fiction. Do they watch great television? Yes. Do they read non-fiction? Some. But the novel – that great interior journey – seems to have been lost to them.

It wasn’t always this way.

The path from boyhood to manhood used to go something like this: Boys got dirty, played with plastic guns, disturbed bee hives, and wandered the streets of their neighborhoods with their buddies un-chaperoned. By adolescence, they were expected to be rowdy and wild – maybe dabbling in the rebel art of cigarette smoking, drawing a sharpie tattoo, and practicing the skill of talking girls into peeling off their panties (beginning with the whole “I’ll give you a cookie” approach and graduating to “Come on, baby, you’re just so beautiful –I need you!”).

Next, somewhere in their twenties, boys began dressing like men – assertively and with a…

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