The Business Plan as a Living Document

The Business Plan as a Living Document

Last year was a peculiarly disruptive year, one that had to be slogged through. The day to day business of surviving (don’t ask!) took every last minute of everyday. One consequence of this was that I didn’t have time to blog.

The last ghastly crisis has receded (really… don’t ask!) and life seems to be stabilising somewhat (cross your fingers that this is, in fact, true). So, hopefully, I can get back to blogging again. Not that I gave up writing or developing material altogether: I found time, every now and again, to work on the book I am writing so that, even though I am behind my own writing schedule, it is definitely still a live project.

Before the wheels fell off my life I had also committed to giving talks at some conferences. Although it was hard I honoured these commitments: I didn’t want to let the conference organisers down and I really enjoy giving presentations (although I would prefer not to be swaying with fatigue when I do).

So the next few blogs will be sharing some stuff from these conferences. I hope you enjoy them.

Collins & Co. Not for Profit Conference

I was honoured to be invited to present in the annual Collins & Co. Not for Profit Conference held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in March 2016. I was asked to present on business planning, something I have helped NFP organisations with. My presentation has been embedded below but can also be found on the Collins & Co. website. It is worth having a gander at this as it contains the presentations from all the other speakers as well.

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