Creative Guinea Pigs wanted to be debriefed

Creative Guinea Pigs wanted to be debriefed

Recently finish a big gnarly creative project? How was that for you? Still processing?

I offer coaching services to people working on creative projects. I support people in developing confidence in their creative identity and sustaining their creative process so that it develops their resilience, reflexivity, and – yes – creativity.

As part of this practice, I am going to start offering debriefing sessions for people who have just finished a creative project. The focus of these sessions will be on unpacking the personal ‘felt’ experience of working creatively, especially on complex projects and / or within complex conditions.

Based on my various experiences as a performing artist, arts manager, and project manager, I believe that it is important to debrief a creative worker on their experience of working on a project so that they:

  • Gain insight into their own sense of resilience, agency, and creative impulses;
  • Gain insight into how whatever external conditions they were working under affected their sense of confidence in their creative identity; and then
  • Gain enough perspective so that they can move onto a more objective evaluation of their project and ‘lessons learnt’.

The debriefing sessions will be useful for anyone who is grappling with a sense of failure and / or a ‘failed’ – uncomfortable / stressful / unsatisfying – working process left over from a recently completed project. But they will also be useful for anyone who has recently had a positive or successful experience – successes must be dwelt on with as much energy as failures!

During April 2021 I am offering a limited number of free sessions to test the framework I have developed for these debriefings. The sessions will be 1 hour long and can be held for individuals or small groups of up to 4 people. If you are interested in being one of my ‘guinea pigs’, then please contact me.

Artist: George Morland

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