Dangerous Who?

I help people reclaim their creative identities.

As a facilitator I’ve worked with groups from across sectors and time zones, offering guidance and support as they develop collective imagination. I help them approach problems from unexplored angles and uncover the hidden passageways that allow meaningful communication to flow.

The result: profound insights, implementable recommendations and useful content that moves you closer towards your goals.

My work as a creative coach is about helping professionals working on complex creative projects find their coordinates and map their way from scary beginning, through the messy middle to a meaningful resolution.

My work as a creative mentor is about helping individuals rediscover their sense of creative identity, regain trust in their imagination, and develop their creative process.

The result: regain your creative confidence, build resilience and sustain the effort required to finish that book, online learning system or creative venture.

Contact me to organise a brief chat about what you’re up to, where you want to go and how I can help.

Diagram by DW Betts


As a skilled and experienced writer, mentor, coach, facilitator, and community consultant, I am able to open up meaningful dialogue, analyse emergent narratives, and synthesise themes and issues into meaningful insights, implementable recommendations, and useful content.

In my past work as a technical and creative writer, manager, arts manager, project manager, workplace trainer, community development worker, and theatre maker, I draw on a breadth of experience that allows me to adapt to the needs and tone of any workplace. I am particularly adept at transferring information between disciplines and using my communication skills to ensure smooth dialogue between stakeholders.

Drawing on 30 years’ experience in the public, community, and creative sectors, I approach my work with originality, imagination, professionalism, and a deep empathy for the needs of the client.


But why “Dangerous”?

I’m actually really very nice! But I am rigorous; I make the people who work with me work their imaginations, intellects, and emotional intelligence hard and I ask lots of probing questions. Do not be fooled by my quiet pleasant exterior!

I enjoy talking about wild ideas, risky endeavours and things that are messy and problematic. An instinctive sense-maker, I am always on the lookout for hidden patterns and unloved narratives.


Recent and current clients include:

Monash College, Deakin University, University of Melbourne, Association Of Tertiary Education Managers, The Moreland Group, The City of Greater Dandenong, The Entrepreneur Whisperer, Springvale Learning and Activity Centre, The Big Bang Studios, and various and diverse consultants, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, designers and artists.

Diagram by BW Betts

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