I help organisations have conversations about improving culture so that it supports creative and innovative thinking.

I provide services in group facilitation, critical friendship, training, project or strategy design, relationship development and writing.

As a former theatre maker who segued into working as a project manager in the arts and manager in the community sector I can help people nurture culture and translate ideas into tangible outcomes.

I do this by offering the following:

Training. Workshops include:

  • Conversations of Intrigue – a positive disruption that investigates the culture of your workplace, identifies the underpinning values of your team, and designs strategies for improvement.
  • Workshops in project and business planning – I focus on how to create plans that embrace innovative thinking and process and / or nurture strong culture.

External supervision and mentoring – allow me to be your ‘critical friend’ if you need some support while developing a more creative or humane workplace culture or business strategy.

Project or strategy design – I can design implementable and trackable projects and strategies that frame innovative research or creative experiments.

Consultancy in relationship development – are you contemplating working with entities from the creative, academic or community sectors? I can help you identify suitable partners with whom your goals and values align and act as a ‘translator’ in defining shared goals, project scope and …?

Writing – plans, funding applications or articles.

Jane Austen's editing technique. Imaged sourced from Open Culture.
Jane Austen’s editing technique. Imaged sourced from Open Culture.

Giving back:

I emerged from the arts, tertiary and community sectors. The ecosystems with which I worked supported my development as a person and a professional by giving me a rich varied portfolio of skills, experiences and knowledge; however these same ecosystems are also notorious for precarious employment. I support my creative and community minded brethren by providing advice for free and low cost workshops in business planning.


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