I help organisations have conversations about improving culture so that it supports creative and innovative thinking.

I provide services in group facilitation, critical friendship, training, project or strategy design, relationship development, and writing.

I can help people nurture culture and translate ideas into tangible outcomes.

I do this by offering the following:

Training. Workshops include:

  • Conversations of Intrigue – a positive disruption that takes the pulse of your workplace culture. A valuable tool for identifying shared team values, understanding the impact of wellbeing strategies, and co-designing team goals and visions.
  • Workshops in project and business planning for creativity – I focus on how to create plans that embrace innovative thinking and process and / or nurture strong culture.
  • Understanding failure – Designed to help your team recover from failure, contextualise risk, identify lessons learn, and feel empowered to embrace further experimentation. Essential for any workplace that wants to embrace innovation.

External supervision and mentoring – allow me to be your ‘critical friend’ if you need some support while developing a more creative or humane workplace culture or business strategy.

Project or strategy design – I can design implementable and trackable projects and strategies that frame innovative research or creative experiments.

Consultancy in relationship development – are you contemplating working with entities from the creative, academic or community sectors? I can help you identify suitable partners with whom your goals and values align and act as a ‘translator’ in defining shared goals, project scope and …?

Writing – plans, funding applications or articles.

Jane Austen's editing technique. Imaged sourced from Open Culture.
Jane Austen’s editing technique. Imaged sourced from Open Culture.


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