Conversations of Intrigue – Testimonials

“Highly recommended! Based on the experience of myself and several colleagues last month, these Conversations of Intrigue are a starting-point for self-discovery, gaining insight into your workplace and its culture, and for learning from others’ perspectives. Provoking, entertaining and enormously rewarding.”

~ ATEM Book Club, University of Melbourne



“I enjoyed the conversation prompted by the ‘safe house’ offered by John Le Carre. I think ‘prompted’ is a good word for it. Often enough in facilitation the task is to prod and even provoke conversation – Meredith’s approach offers an interesting way of framing an invitation to reflect.

Meredith’s idea provides a counterpoint from which to compare and contrast. Much better than a case study – they are frequently dry and hemmed in by reference to ‘organisational contexts’. A Conversations of Intrigue approach is interesting in part because it draws on a fictional world which seems to offer more freedoms for conversation and more scope for trying out thoughts about who we are and what we do.”

~ Rob Sheehan, Sharp Words Consultancy, Editing & Writing