Benefits of being an Intriguing Conversationalist

Conversations of Intrigue are a cross between a book club meeting, a water cooler chat, and a strategic planning session. Reflective and intellectually stimulating but gentle on the ego, Conversations of Intrigue deliver the following benefits for organisations:

To better understand the lived experience of their teams – Play spot the synergies while participants respond to extracts from the book.

Who want a fresh way of reviewing a knowledge management strategy or develop leadership skills – two of the conversational themes deal with these things specifically.

Who are negotiating a partnership with another organisation – put the potential partners around a table and use a Conversation of Intrigue as an entertaining but stimulating way to explore organisational values and develop rapport.

Who want to encourage their team to work out loud or just communicate more deeply – the Conversations can be used as a platform to encourage participants to step aside from their ‘normal’ work day dialogue, and articulate and share insights.

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