Conversation Themes

Conversations of Intrigue uses the novel Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy as a focal point for facilitated conversations. These lively discussions stimulate thought and actions about the daily and ingrained issues that affect the way people experience the organisations they work for, including:

  • The knowledge and memory of an organisation
  • Being relegated to outsider status, problems and advantages
  • Styles of leadership
  • The dangers of having a homogenous culture
  • Managing performance versus managing perceptions of personality

Using short extracts from the novel, each Conversation of Intrigue has been framed around a theme to provide an impetus to inspire and provoke conversation. (More details below).


If you are interested in organisational culture you might like these Conversations:

  • Managing performance versus managing perceptions of personality

Good performance management requires fairness and objectivity. What happens when workplace leaders allow themselves to be influenced by personality?

  • The dangers of a homogenous culture

Current thinking in organisational culture recognises the virtue of diversity. Just what are the dangers of drawing your employees (and especially your managers) from one class or background?

Otherwise there are these:

  • The knowledge and memory of an organisation

Each individual employee adds to the collective knowledge base of an organisation through various lines of communication. Each individual also accrues their own perceptions, ideas and memories as part of their lived experience as an employee. How are the really important memories and knowledge of an organisation stored? How do you define what is really important?

  • Styles of leadership

Alpha, beta, extrovert, introvert, hierarchical, authoritarian, consultative, consensual…what styles of leadership do you think are the most effective, and in what situations?

  • Being on the outer

How do you handle the shifts and ebbs in power dynamics in your work place? Are there advantages to being the outsider?

To book your Conversation call Meredith on 0421 653 325, email or contact me here.

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