A diary of a new business (December-February)

A diary of a new business (December-February)

I have decided to write a little blog reflecting on the process of starting up this business. I am aiming at writing something every month or two from now on; this is the first of two blogs about the first 3 months.


Happy New Lunar Year of the Horse!

Here I am in the third month of my little business. Month number one (December) felt busy, maybe because I was tired after a hectic but productive few spring months, partly because I was doing some work for the Springvale Learning and Activities Centre (SLAC by acronym, but not SLAC by nature). Like most community based learning centres it’s a bloody interesting place. I was teaching some units in SLAC’s Diploma of Community Development course to a most glorious group of people; glorious because they were an interesting and interested small class of people who, despite diverse backgrounds, worked together as a strong mutually supportive unit.

January was the month in which I felt privileged to be able to work at home, hide from the weather and dodge the necessity of commuting in the extraordinary heat. As month number 2 in the business, and as the notoriously quietest time of the year, I did not expect to get work from clients. Instead I used the time to get my house in order and organise the mess of documents I regularly use, create some more training materials, and play around with some draft marketing materials.

Having done that, February is now the month I start producing those marketing materials and getting them out there. I seriously expected to have no clients this month as well, so I am delighted that some of the marketing I undertook at the end of last year has paid off and that I am getting a little work coming in. Nice interesting work, too, with nice interesting people.

So, steady as she goes. I am where I roughly thought I would be (both in terms of budget and action plans) and that’s a good thing. For now. And mildly surprising – unexpected events have a way of ‘finding’ me; I have some weird rogue furtive impulse to pull them towards me and this is both a blessing and a curse. The challenge is to keep on getting my house in order so that when something zooms out of left field I am in a position to respond to, and even enjoy, it.

Small Business Basics Course – places still available

Small Business Basics Course – places still available

Some information about a course I will be teaching from next week. Places still available!

Venue: Springvale Learning and Activities Centre (SLAC),

1 Osborne Avenue, Springvale, VIC; ph: 03 9547 2647; email: mail@springvalelac.org.au

Essential information:

  • Featuring Intel® Learn Easy steps – digital tools for business and entrepreneurship.
  • Produce own business plan including marketing, financial, risk and people management.
  • Career pathways: start own business, management roles within a small business environment.
  • Training pathways: BSB40407 Certificate 4 in Small Business Management.
  • 20 weeks part time one day a week on Wednesdays, 10am-3pm.

Fees and bookings:

Fees are low and bookings are essential as class sizes are small and places are limited. For more information on fees (paying in instalments is possible) and to book your place please contact Springvale Learning and Activities Centre on 03 9547 2647.

For more information about the course you can either leave a comment for me or email SLAC at mail@springvalelac.org.au .

Course information:

Are you thinking of starting a small business but don’t know where to start? Or even what’s involved?

Perhaps you would like to work as a manager in a small organisation and you need some management skills in business planning, managing a small team, organising marketing, setting financial goals and budgets, or promoting innovation?

Maybe you would like to apply for the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) with this great business idea you have, but you speak English as a second language and you find business English and the Aussie business culture hard to understand?

Or maybe you are already running a business and would like to organise yourself better by writing a business plan?

If you are interested in small business but find the idea or process of running a small business scary, daunting or confusing then this is the course for you. Taught in small groups in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this course is designed to build a bridge between people starting out in small business management and / or planning and the world of small business management. During the course we will unpack and discuss important areas of running a small business and by the end of the course you will have written a basic business plan, increased your confidence in taking on the world of business, understand how to do things like market research, reading financial reports and making a risk management plan. This course is especially good for folks who speak English as a second language –  most of the people who come to SLAC speak English as a second language and I have planned the course so that I can help people feel more comfortable with writing, researching and reading business information in English.

Small Business Basics Course is a Learn Local course supported by Adult Further Community Education.