Presentation: When There Are No Words

Presentation: When There Are No Words


Earlier this year I participated in a web carnival organised by the Teacher Development Special Interest Group (or TDSIG).

The focus of this web carnival was to look at how teachers and trainers cope when things go wrong during a class or workshop, and what can be learn’t. I think this is a beaut theme. Failure can be awful to live through, but reflecting on failure can be alchemical: cringe inducing moments – even disasters – that, in the absence of reflection, could be damaging can instead be transformed into insights or moments of realisation.

The three sessions featured in the webinar can be found on this website; have a listen if you’re a teacher or trainer.

My presentation – which talks about dealing with triggered unhappy memories – can be found here.

Previous blogs I wrote on my particular topic can be found here and here. TDSIG were also kind enough to include one of my old blogs – To Hearken, To Listen – in their latest newsletter.

For all those facilitators, trainers, teachers, consultants out there I’m curious: what is the worst thing that happened to you in a group session, how did you cope, what did you learn? Leave comments below.



Announcement: Fashion Industry and Training

Announcement: Fashion Industry and Training

UPDATE: this program starts on November 17, 2014. If you would like to participate then please contact Chitra Mangma at More information can be found here.

1797333_824420010941601_5192916668941722440_n[1] I am happy to announce that I have been retained to provide training services for a great new project that aims to help up and coming fashion designers develop their new design businesses. Highly regarded designer, stylist and entrepreneur Chitra Mangma has put together a great program of workshops, panel and mentoring services to help a select intake of newly graduated fashion designers:

  • Identify their target market,
  • Create a brand,
  • Plan their business,
  • Understand how to organise and plan their collections in order to work in with fashion industry trends and cycles.

Participants will be exposed to training and advice that is supportive, comprehensive, practical, and especially tailored towards their industry and creative personalities. The first run of this program of training will happen over a number of weeks in November 2014; we are grateful to Moreland City Council for providing funding for this November program which will take place in Brunswick and will be focussed on local designers. My part will be to provide three workshops that will focus on marketing, branding and planning. The program we run in November will be our first, but we certainly do not want it to be our last. Both Chitra and I are really passionate about working with young creatives; we believe that it is essential to help and encourage them to set up professional practices that can allow these new designers to sustain their vocations and contribute their unique creativity. We gain inspiration from working with emerging talent and enjoy the challenge of helping creative practices negotiate the business world. If you would like to know anything more about this project then check out the event page here.

Small Business Basics Course – places still available

Small Business Basics Course – places still available

Some information about a course I will be teaching from next week. Places still available!

Venue: Springvale Learning and Activities Centre (SLAC),

1 Osborne Avenue, Springvale, VIC; ph: 03 9547 2647; email:

Essential information:

  • Featuring Intel® Learn Easy steps – digital tools for business and entrepreneurship.
  • Produce own business plan including marketing, financial, risk and people management.
  • Career pathways: start own business, management roles within a small business environment.
  • Training pathways: BSB40407 Certificate 4 in Small Business Management.
  • 20 weeks part time one day a week on Wednesdays, 10am-3pm.

Fees and bookings:

Fees are low and bookings are essential as class sizes are small and places are limited. For more information on fees (paying in instalments is possible) and to book your place please contact Springvale Learning and Activities Centre on 03 9547 2647.

For more information about the course you can either leave a comment for me or email SLAC at .

Course information:

Are you thinking of starting a small business but don’t know where to start? Or even what’s involved?

Perhaps you would like to work as a manager in a small organisation and you need some management skills in business planning, managing a small team, organising marketing, setting financial goals and budgets, or promoting innovation?

Maybe you would like to apply for the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) with this great business idea you have, but you speak English as a second language and you find business English and the Aussie business culture hard to understand?

Or maybe you are already running a business and would like to organise yourself better by writing a business plan?

If you are interested in small business but find the idea or process of running a small business scary, daunting or confusing then this is the course for you. Taught in small groups in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this course is designed to build a bridge between people starting out in small business management and / or planning and the world of small business management. During the course we will unpack and discuss important areas of running a small business and by the end of the course you will have written a basic business plan, increased your confidence in taking on the world of business, understand how to do things like market research, reading financial reports and making a risk management plan. This course is especially good for folks who speak English as a second language –  most of the people who come to SLAC speak English as a second language and I have planned the course so that I can help people feel more comfortable with writing, researching and reading business information in English.

Small Business Basics Course is a Learn Local course supported by Adult Further Community Education.