“How do you create a strategic plan? Start with a hugely challenging, fun and inspiring day spent with a fabulous facilitator! In our case, the ace Meredith Lewis.” Hannah Colman, General Manager, Scarf

“Meredith is incredibly insightful, intuitive, sensitive and gifted at designing and facilitating group processes and organisational strategic planning.

Meredith brings brilliant, creative and innovative ideas which deal with subtle organisational and group dynamics that crop up for every organisation under the sun.

I highly recommend Meredith as someone to talk to or work wherever an astutely perceptive perspective is needed to improve group dynamics and bolster morale and motivation.” Dr. Louise Greenstock, Consultant


“I would like to recommend Meredith Lewis as a professional who is dedicated to helping others develop and achieve their strategic business goals. I was impressed by her flexibility in complex situations, her ability to find solutions to difficult problems and to work with others to achieve results.” Laetitia ShandManager, Partnerships, Work Integrated Learning, Short Courses, Commercial Training, School of Media and Communication, School of Design.


“Your plan was exceptional and one of the best I have seen… and showed a complete understanding of the business planning process, well done!” Vaughan Smith, Trainer & Business Coach


“Meredith shows a rare combination of methodical management approach with genuine empathy and community engagement skills and is highly respected by her colleagues and students.” Springvale Learning and Activities Centre


“Meredith has excellent networking skills and an ability to identify places and groups of people who are innovating ideas for creative and collective spaces. She is active in using social media as a way to stay connected with a more diverse range of people, relevant events and cutting-edge ideas. Of strong asset is her ability to engage with community development professionals in the exchange of ideas and keeping up-to-date with the industry. I strongly encourage Meredith… and believe that she has a valuable skill set that is currently under represented in her sector.” Dr Alexia Maddox, digital sociologist 


“Ms Lewis is uniquely placed to offer consultative services, both for SMEs and the not-for-profit sector. Her approach is highly observant, analytical and inclusive; able to quickly identify and correct any planning issues. During the 3 years I ran a research program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Ms Lewis provided highly perceptive and well thought out strategies that were both comprehensive and simple to implement.   Her direction assisted us in maximizing our resources, and institute measurable and positive change within our existing networks. Her unique ability to synthesize her experience working across multiple creative sectors, management roles within not-for-profit, and business training produces solutions that are both practical and innovative.” Romaine Logere,  Event Designer, Researcher & Artist


“Meredith demonstrated considerable skills and knowledge in the areas of strategy, planning, and project management. She has a terrific eye for detail and can clearly identify potential stumbling blocks (such as adequate risk management).

Meredith demonstrates formidable skills in verbal communication. Her manner and reasoning is calm, softly-spoken and very clear. It is with this lovely expression that she keeps conversations very focused and always related to the brief. I believe her clarity of expression and inclusive approach – where all people are treated equally and with dignity – are rare qualities in business.

I also found Meredith is a natural networker who uses an enormous amount of resources to gather and sort information on new business and marketing trends. After working with Meredith on The Big Apple business plan I know that she would be a huge asset to any business on any project.” Rebecca Stewart, writer, editor and communications strategist

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