Announcement: The Etymology Game

Announcement: The Etymology Game

Image: Fortunio Liceti

Breathing life into buzzwords

Sick of buzzwords? Tired of hearing other words misused? Do you feel like people keep talking at – or past – each other?

The words we use have weird and wonderful histories. What can these tell us about ourselves?

The Etymology Game is a chance to slow down and really think about what we mean when we use these words, and, perhaps, what we would like – or need – them to mean instead. Word Rescue uses the fascinating history of words to trigger, inspire, and elicit insights for its participants. It’s simple, fun, and interesting. All you have to do is turn up with a sense of curiosity and imagination.

Join a small intimate and relaxed group, have some gentle nerdy fun, have a ponder, and surprise yourself with what you discover about your, and other people’s, expectations of the overused words we throw around every day. In each Word Rescue session, you will be teased by some word trivia, and then get the chance to peel back the layers on one or two topical but tired buzzwords.

Join me to slow down, think, imagine, and refresh the meaning behind everyday language.


Duration – 1 hour

Cost – $25.00

Delivered via Zoom.

Bookings limited and essential. To book or to find more information, please check out my events calendar.

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