A diary of a new business (December-February)

A diary of a new business (December-February)

I have decided to write a little blog reflecting on the process of starting up this business. I am aiming at writing something every month or two from now on; this is the first of two blogs about the first 3 months.


Happy New Lunar Year of the Horse!

Here I am in the third month of my little business. Month number one (December) felt busy, maybe because I was tired after a hectic but productive few spring months, partly because I was doing some work for the Springvale Learning and Activities Centre (SLAC by acronym, but not SLAC by nature). Like most community based learning centres it’s a bloody interesting place. I was teaching some units in SLAC’s Diploma of Community Development course to a most glorious group of people; glorious because they were an interesting and interested small class of people who, despite diverse backgrounds, worked together as a strong mutually supportive unit.

January was the month in which I felt privileged to be able to work at home, hide from the weather and dodge the necessity of commuting in the extraordinary heat. As month number 2 in the business, and as the notoriously quietest time of the year, I did not expect to get work from clients. Instead I used the time to get my house in order and organise the mess of documents I regularly use, create some more training materials, and play around with some draft marketing materials.

Having done that, February is now the month I start producing those marketing materials and getting them out there. I seriously expected to have no clients this month as well, so I am delighted that some of the marketing I undertook at the end of last year has paid off and that I am getting a little work coming in. Nice interesting work, too, with nice interesting people.

So, steady as she goes. I am where I roughly thought I would be (both in terms of budget and action plans) and that’s a good thing. For now. And mildly surprising – unexpected events have a way of ‘finding’ me; I have some weird rogue furtive impulse to pull them towards me and this is both a blessing and a curse. The challenge is to keep on getting my house in order so that when something zooms out of left field I am in a position to respond to, and even enjoy, it.

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