Importance of planning – Diary of a Start Up – April, May, June 2014

Importance of planning – Diary of a Start Up – April, May, June 2014

(A little blog about why it is important to write down your plans)

I am just writing a brief blog today. It has been so long since I have posted anything. This was partly due to my being extremely busy during April and May with work, and then being extremely ill during May and June.

Like many other folks in Melbourne at the moment, I have been battling a virus for nearly 6 weeks now. The thing just wouldn’t give up and go away! I am finally feeling much better. I can tell this not just because I feel physically well but because the gloomy, leaden, grey, exhausted mindset through which I have been peering out at the world is also finally starting to subside. The terrible fatigue the virus brought with it made my brain shut down, and I am happy to feel like my mind has come back.

Getting seriously ill is a big fear for many people who work by, and for, themselves for obvious reasons. It is unavoidable and can deplete resources (especially money), disrupt productive work and marketing strategies and generally throw a real spanner in the works. I will survive my recent bout of illness financially but my marketing strategy is in disarray.

But this is a temporary state of affairs. I am a planning freak, I have my overall business goals and strategies, and a marketing plan written down as part of my business plan. I actually emerged from my virus on the weekend feeling quite disorientated and disconnected from what I had been doing. But being able to go and read what I had written down has anchored me and today I feel much more positive about taking action.

Furthermore, I have actually enjoyed the opportunity to review my strategies over the last few days. I have been inspired with a few new ideas and have refined some of my initial goals. For me, one of the great joys of working for myself is the opportunity to watch my plans unfold and see how they have to adapt, change and develop.

So my challenge is to go on the bloody liver cleansing diet to boost my immune system, and to keep on developing my all important plans so that they exist to anchor and inspire me again in the future.

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